"You bonded immediately with the audience, giving them information in a humorous and entertaining way ... not always an easy feat."

"I wondered if we could equal the program we had the year before when Guy Kawasaki spoke. You immediately put my fears to rest. You were the perfect follow-up to Guy."

Marolyn Wright, Owner, Program Resources Speakers Bureau

"Dr. Weil is a great communicator. Not only does she have an important message, but she delivers it with warmth, humor and sincerity. She kept her audience (and it was her audience) entranced. Exiting the hall, the audience was abuzz discussing her talk. I have never seen an audience walk away carrying a message so vividly and strongly."

Robert Brown, MBA, JD, Ph.D., Co-Chair American Bar Association International Relations Committee

"Dr. Weil's reaction to audience questions and comments is also worth noting. She responded to each and every comment with interest, respect and personal warmth, something that unfortunately is not always present when 'experts' speak."

Charlene Padovani, M.A., CHES, Wellness Week Coordinator, William Rainey Harper College

"I especially appreciate your attention to detail and your time in talking with exhibitors and the media."

Marlene Knight, Meeting Planner, Communications & Technology Expo, Lousiville, KY

"Full of energy and positive thinking, Dr. Weil presents an intriguing viewpoint of the human toll that technology takes on us in the business environment, and a whole new set of guidelines we must be aware of to lessen the effects."

Chris Narborough, JD, Truman Bodden & Company, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, B.W.I.

"With humor and wisdom, Dr. Weil steered our group toward a sane use of technology that will maximize its benefit for us and leave us feeling less overwhelmed. Only a few days later, employing some of the techniques suggested by Dr. Weil, I feel more in control of my practice."

Jonathan Bell, JD, Hinckley, Allen & Snyder, LLP Providence, Rhode Island

"Dr. Weil's presentation was excellent! As she points out, too often we get caught up in gadgetry and technology for technology's sake and let it control our lives. The message that we need to turn it off when we are on our own time and enjoy the peace and solitude was a needed and valuable reminder. Dr. Weil's humorous and engaging style captivated her audience while highlighting and emphasizing that message."

James R. Wood, JD, Miller, Stratvert & Torgerson, P.A., Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Michelle Weil as a research consultant and national spokesperson on a campaign for MCI One. With the help of Dr. Weil, the campaign was a great success. Throughout the entire process, I found her to be engaging, informative and compelling in her interviews. Each interviewer was captured by her natural enthusiasm, ability to speak in 'sound bites' and personable style. She is truly unique and a natural spokesperson."

Veronica McGarry, Ogilvy Public Relations

"Dr. Weil is delightful to work with, informative and entertaining as a speaker. Her expertise in TechnoStress is very timely and covers issues that people are eager to confront."

Marty Lassen, Meeting Planner, Women's Success Forum

""I could not have asked for a more fitting topic or speaker for our end of year meeting."

Kent Lading, Program Chair, Southern California SL-1 Users Association

"What an excellent choice we made! Dr. Weil made an excellent spokesperson (for MCI) because of her quick wit, professionalism and ability to quickly master the information. She comes across well on camera, is credible and exudes immense energy regardless of how many back-to-back interviews we booked."

Caroline Leigh, Vice President, Ketchum Public Relations

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