Rx for TechnoStress

Technology is clearly changing the way we live, and affecting the way we relate to ourselves and others -- though not necessarily for the better. Technology can cause severe stress for those of us who use it, as well as for those who fear it. The result is TechnoStress. We need to understand not only what technology can do for us, but what it is doing to us -- and how to remedy the unforseen difficulties it brings. Dr. Weil shows you how to live and work with technology while preserving your irreplaceable "human-ware."

Techno-Time Management: Living on Human-Time not Techno-Time

Your day is being bombarded by technology. Dealing with computers, communication tools, and other "time-saving" technologies adds more work, rather than saving time. Applying her nearly two decades of research on the "Psychology of Technology," Dr. Michelle Weil shows you why your To Do List never gets done and how to manage your time so that you can save your sanity in this high-paced technology era.


Techno-Communication Etiquette: How to Reach Out and REALLY Touch Someone

Voice mail, e-mail, pager, fax, cellphone. So many ways to communicate, yet so little communication is happening today. In this spirited, informative talk, Dr. Weil uses her original model of the "Five C's of Communication" to illuminate how to connect successfully. Her "Techno-Communication Etiquette" tips show you how to complete those important communications, using today's techno-tools.

Ending Information Overload

Two-thousand new books are published each day, magazines now occupy endless racks, and the information on the World Wide Web doubles every 73 days. And this doesn't even count the information you receive by e-mails, faxes, newsletters and the 200 messages you send and receive each work day. Let Dr. Weil share her secrets for successfully managing your endless information tidal wave. Author of TechnoStress: Coping With Technology @Work @Home @Play, an internationally-renowned researcher and a seasoned clinical psychologist, Dr. Weil shows you how to set effective limits to manage the avalanche of information.

Stop the Multitasking Madness

Your computer is a multitasking machine. It can simultaneously track your e-mail, word processing, web surfing and more. Humans can multitask, but the more we do, the less efficient we become. Ever wonder why you are having trouble with your memory or sleep? Those are just two of the effects of Multitasking Madness. Let Dr. Michelle Weil, your expert on staying sane in a overly complex world, show you how to stay focused and feel fulfilled while reducing your body's physiological and psychological overload.

Ending Boundary Invasion: Staying Human in our Technological World

Others access us when they wish. Our pagers beep, our cellphones ring, our e-mail arrives with a hearty "You've Got Mail" at all times of the day and night. We are feeling keenly inundated by requests, communications and information and have lost our sense of ourselves in the process. Applying her two decades of experience as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Weil has the prescription for staying sane and human amidst this technological bombardment. Laugh with her as she shares real-life examples of how technology can clandestinely invade our lives and let her share her secrets for a healthy lifestyle while maintaining the good that technology offers.

The Healthy Techno-Family

Technology has left our nuclear family wrapped in separate techno-cocoons. Dad has just come home and is checking the stock market quotes and his e-mail. The children are each in their own rooms, on their computers, talking on their telephones, listening to music, or doing all three at the same time. Mom has to send a family instant message just to get everyone down to dinner. With her 20 years of clinical insight into family systems and her unique view of the technological changes, Dr. Michelle Weil helps you escape those techno-cocoons and build your own healthy techno-family, enjoying technology but also spending time enjoying each other.

End Technosis: Stay the Driver, Not the Driven

Are you a victim of Technosis? Do you feel lost without your technology? Do you feel out of touch if you haven't checked your messages in the last hour or two? Do you feel envious of your peers and their new technology? Using both a humorous, motivational approach, Dr. Weil will teach you about the Can/Should Paradox, Technodependency, Machine Machismo and more,. She will enlighten you by showing you how to reconnect to yourself when you have become enmeshed with your technology.

Thriving in the New Millennium

Radio took 38 years to reach an audience of 50,000,000. Television took 13 years and the personal computer took 16. The Internet took only 4! As technological advances spiral into the new millennium, we will witness unprecedented growth in new technologies only dreamed about today. With such rapid changes, how will you cope with the changes you will need to make? How will you keep up? Dr. Michelle Weil has been examining peoples' reactions to technology in the USA and over 30 countries for almost 20 years. Her unique view of our future will leave you feeling uplifted and empowered rather than overwhelmed. Let her show you the way to manifest "Better Living Through Technology."

Living a 24/7 Life?: Learn How to Tech it Easy

You are wired, but it is not caffeine that is driving you. It is technology. Day and night, connected to a computer, cellphone, pager, fax, e-mail and voice mail, it is impossible to escape being "on call" and succumbing to the pressure to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Vacations today just mean connecting to the office from some other location. Learn how to limit access, create boundaries and take time to smell the real roses, not those virtual ones they send off of a website. The expert on ending TechnoStress shows you how to "tech it easy."

Living TechnoStress-Free

Today, we live in a world of technologically-created beeps, buzzes, flashing lights and hums. We try to live with them, but pay the price. Are you startled by loud sounds? Do you find it difficult to concentrate? Do you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep? Are you interrupted with worries or distractions? If any of these ring true, you need to learn Dr. Michelle Weil's sure-fire strategies for creating your own TechnoStress-Free environment and feel more relaxed, calm and comfortable throughout the day.


Dr. Michelle Weil is a Clinical Psychologist and recognized international expert in the "Psychology of Technology." Her groundbreaking book, TechnoStress: Coping With Technology @Work @Home @Play (John Wiley & Sons), based on her 15 years of research with over 20,000 people in the United States and 30 countries, has received great public attention and positive reviews. Dr. Weil's work has been featured in hundreds of television shows, radio, newspaper and magazine interviews. She has appeared as a commentator on shows such as Good Morning America, CNN, Fox Network News, 48 Hours, NBC Nightly News, the Michael Jackson Show, and the Bob Levey Show and has been interviewed by Newsweek, Time, FamilyPC, Self, Parenting and most major newspapers in the United States.

Dr. Weil is sought after for her keynote speeches and consultations on resolving the stress that technology creates in our lives including its impact on us as individuals, family members, employees, managers and executives, and members of a technological society. Through her down-to-earth, engaging style, she shows audiences how to stay "high touch" in this age of high tech. Dr. Weil combines her cutting-edge thinking, her clinical expertise and her charm and humor to teach others how to maintain their humanity and sanity in a digital world while improving their bottom line and life satisfaction. She is well aware that to stay ahead, you must continually upgrade your hardware and stay up-to-date with your software. Her job is to show people how to preserve their most valuable commodity -- their "Human-Ware."

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